Expert at Disciplining of Privacy Policy

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The "Expert at Disciplining" produced by microcosmol may collect user information of users for the purpose of displaying advertisements.
The acquired user information conforms to the specifications of the advertisement distribution service used by this application.
The advertisement distribution services used by this application are as follows.

 Advertisement distribution service provider
 Unity Unity Technologies , Inc.
 Advertising distribution service

 Unity Ads

 Unity Unity Technologies , Inc. of privacy Sea policy

In addition, we do not collect user information of users for purposes other than advertisement distribution.

< Inquiries about personal information >

Individual inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please contact the following.

< Revision of privacy policy >

When there is a change in the acquired user information or purpose, we will promptly change this privacy policy and notify the user of the change at the application store posted.

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2021/3/2 Change App provider and Game title
2020/10/21 New release